Aftercare Instructions


- keep the bandage on for approximately 6 hours if possible
( your artist can give you a better idea on timeframe depending on the piece; a little more or less is not detrimental to healing )

- after you remover the bandage wash the tattoo thoroughly with soap ( preferably unscented with no dyes ) and comfortably warm water using your hand (avoid using a rag, sponge, luffa or what have you)
- be sure to wash away all blood, plasma and excess ink

- after this you cannot submerge your tattoo in water for extended periods of time; such as swimming, saunas and hot tubs
- avoid these for approximately 2-3 weeks depending on what stage of healing your tattoo is in
- regular showers are not an issue; there is no need to keep tattoo out of the shower or re-wrapping it

- keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for excessive periods of time, such as tanning; for about 2-3 weeks
- even after healing is completed we suggest using an adequate sunblock whenever you expect to be in the sun

- do not use any creams or ointments on your tattoo for a day after having removed and washed the bandage

- the cream we suggest for aftercare is unscented Lubriderm though other unscented water based moisturizers are just as effective
- you may wait to use moisturizer until you find your tattoo is dry and itchy; this should help sooth it
- moisturize once or twice a day, depending on your own comfort; use sparingly and gently rub it in well
- DO NOT over-moisturize; this may lead to larger scabbing, or irritate the skin/tattoo
- these have no ointments or antiseptics, as the damage caused to the skin in the process of tattooing is on par with a bad scrape, and you have not suffered any real internal damage that would call for the use of medications; you may opt to use one if you wish at your own discretion

- the scabbing process is understandably itchy, but pulling off scabs prematurely may cause you to lose some ink as well

- wash regularly, and find a balance of keeping your tattoo dry, and healthily moisturized

- scabbing is generally light flaky skin in the colour of the tattoo, do not be alarmed!
- after this stage there is another translucent layer of skin that forms and falls away
-understand that tattoos will not look as dark as when you first get them; pigments close to the surface of the skin will be pushed out, and remaining pigments are being seen beneath layers of your own skin

Touch Ups
- you are entitled to one free touch up within a year with the same artist; depending if the piece needs it
- if you require touch ups, you will have to wait until your tattoo is fully healed, which takes about 3 weeks
- touch ups are for reparative purposes and not to "freshen up" a piece
- we will touch up things such as; ink which has not taken, scabs which have fallen out prematurely, or if the artist feels as though it may require a little more work

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