common questions and concerns


- Do you do piercings?
Absolutely! Our body modification artist Kaleb is a freehand piercer and can service all your piercing needs!

- Will it hurt?
Being tattooed is generally unpleasant.
The severity or mildness of pain you experience varies on the individual, area being tattooed as well as your general wellbeing for the day.

- How much does it cost?
Our shop minimum is $80.00, though the price varies on what kind of work you are looking to get.

- Aren't tattoo prices expensive?
Well... Good tattoo's ain't cheep; Cheep tattoos ain't good
We try to keep our prices competitive with other shops in the city, though prices generally reflect the work you are getting.

- Can you give me a deal?
You wouldn't ask that of your local hardware or grocery store; and frankly it can be rather offensive if you are trying to undermine the work we do.

- Are you guys clean?
We follow strict guidelines and health board rules; If you would like to come in and ask about how we keep your safety in mind, please do so and we will be more than happy to oblige you.

- Can I bring a friend to watch me get tattooed?
Our space truly is limiting, though we try to be accommodating.
Generally we discourage it, but under certain circumstances such as medical issues/attention we will oblige.

- Will you tattoo me if I am under 18?
Short answer: perhaps; though we are generally hesitant to do so, and tend to discourage it. To be considered for a tattoo as a minor we greatly take into account what it is you are getting. We also require parental or legal guardian consent at the time the tattoo will be done; both the minor and parent/guardian must have valid government issued photo ID. If the last names are different or any such inconsistency, then additional documentation to prove parenthood will be required. 

- Can I bring my own design?
Yes please, by all means. Our experienced artists can go over with you the possibilities and limitations of what you want to get.
In fact we find it very helpful if clients come with reference material, so that we can have an understanding of what you would like. It does not have to be the exact image for us to put together what you are thinking.

- Can't I get just any tattoo anywhere on my body I like?
Our artists will take on a variety of work, but reserve the right to refuse service for artwork and pieces they are uncomfortable with or find objectionable/offensive. Also neck, hands, and faces are subject to harsher consideration, as they are areas that are the most difficult to hide, and may hinder certain lifestyles.
In the end, the artists have the final say.

- Do you do walk-ins?
We are happy to take on any walk ins that come our way, provided we have an artist available to assist you.

-Why do i need a deposit?
refer to our preparation page under - Deposit

Any additional questions not answered here, may be emailed to us at:

Hopefully that was helpful.

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